Storck produce true super bikes. The brain child of Markus Storck, these bikes have been voted “Best in the World” and the technology has been awarded various conceptual and design awards. A Storck is a very special machine, it pushes the boundaries of cycling technology. When you ride a Storck, it is a truly exhilarating experience. The rigidity and responsiveness of these extremely light weight bikes is phenomenal, resulting in an efficient, rocket fast yet comfortable bike. At Spokes, we offer a range of existing build packages or can work with you to custom build your dream bike. These are aspirational bikes, the very best of what is possible. The Buggatti Veyron of bicycles. We now have Storck finance available to help turn your dream into a reality.

Storck Feature Model
Storck Aernario G1 2015
Whilst most Aero frames are designed with Aero shaped tubes, they tend to be very stiff and transmit horrible road vibration through the frame. The Storck Aernario downtube profile was developed using CFD or Computer Flow Dynamics to create a perfect airflow over the tube in a ‘Ground Parallel’ plane. The Carbon lay-up process provides the Storck Characteristics of additional stiffness in the BB and head-tube area. The top tube provides a clean airflow with hidden seat clamp. This also means the Storck Carbon seatpost can offer even more comfort for the rider with a shorter seat tube.