Ollie Millroy

Racing Driver

Ollie Millroy

Who is Ollie Millroy?

A professional GT racing driver competing in Le Mans Endurance Series internationally, as well as a stunt and precision driver for Hollywood films such as Mission Impossible and Transformers and promotional material for high profile car manufacturers.

Tell us about yourself and your cycling or adventuring achievements?

As part of my job, I need to train regularly to make sure I perform at my best inside the car. Cycling is the perfect sport to build my endurance fitness with minimal risk off injury and it's a lot of fun too! Being a competitive sportsman, naturally I take it way too seriously but I have a lot of fun pushing myself on the bike to achieve new targets.

What are your favourite things to do on the bike?

I would like to say I really enjoy a hard, high intensity VO2 session but that would be a total lie! Nothing beats a long ride in a group on a warm sunny day.

Where is the most exciting place you've ridden your bike?

I did a really fun 250 mile, 48 hour ride for charity in 2014 and 2016. We rode from London to Portsmouth, 120 miles through northern France then Portsmouth back up to London in just 2 days. That was fun!

What is your goal in life, cycling or otherwise?

To keep enjoying what I do and putting 100% effort in to it all the time. I think if you can do that, results and achievements take care of themselves, you've just got to be enjoying it to get the most out of it.

Who are your sporting heroes?

Ayrton Senna, Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali and having worked with him on a commercial shoot for Jaguar, I would have to say that Chris Froome is a legend too!

Tell us how you know Spokes of Bagshot?

Spokes of Bagshot was recommended to me by a friend of mine when I was looking for a new road bike. As soon as I arrived at the shop, I was so impressed. It's smart and modern, the staff are extremely helpful and friendly and they serve an awesome cup of coffee!

What does being a Spokes ambassador mean to you?

I'm very proud to be a Spokes ambassador. To be associated with such a fantastic bike shop is a real privilege and I look forward to working with Spokes to develop their brand.

If you had one piece of advice for someone new to cycling what would it be?

Well, I've recently read Geraint Thomas' book and the best line from that was 'We all hurt the same, just at different speeds'. I think it's always important to remember that when you're gasping for air up that next climb!

web: www.olliemillroy.com

twitter: @OllieMillroy

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