Sean Conway

Endurance Adventurer

Sean Conway

Tell us about yourself and your cycling or adventuring achievements

in 2011 I sold my business for £1 and attempted to break the record for cycling around the world. Sadly I got run over in America but carried on slowly anyway. Since then I’ve fallen in love with cycling and although I’ve done other things, cycling remains my strong point.

What are your favourite things to do on the bike
Miles. Long, long miles. Currently my 24h PB is 380 miles and that was part of a 2 week race. I’d dream of doing 500 miles in 24 hours one day but I’m too young for that still.

Where is the most exciting place you've ridden your bike
The Atacama Desert. I love harsh conditions and spending days on days just surrounded by sand pushing hard to get to the next water stop before you run out was exciting.

What is your goal in life, cycling or otherwise?
To be considered one of the best ultra-cyclist in the world.

Who are your sporting heroes?
Tommy Godwin. Record for the most miles cycled in a year. In 1939 he covered 75000 miles.

Tell us how you know spokes of Bagshot
I think the owner is very sexy

What does being a spokes ambassador mean to you
Part of my motivation as an adventurer is to inspire people to make the most of their short time on this planet. Being involved with SOB allows me to reach a bigger audience and together create some amazing stories that will hopefully inspire the next wave of big thinkers.

If you had one piece of advice for someone new to cycling what would it be?
Don’t buy clip in pedals on day one. You will fall over like I did.